Changes to Road Summer traffic in Sweden - Week 28-36

During the period of weeks 28 – 36, we will have some limitations in our road traffic to and from Sweden, due to vacations and market demand

Generally speaking, there is about 500.000 drivers in Europe, which makes it difficult for us to find a replacement for those on vacation.

There will also be a shortage in ferry capacity, this is not unusual, ferry companies tend to prioritize passenger traffic during this period of time.

The month of August will be the hardest for Italy and Iberia.

What can you do? Please make sure to book well in advance, we hope that this foresight creates a good understanding that there might occur slightly longer delivery period, to ensure our customer’s deliveries during this period of time.

Should you have any further questions, please reach out to your contact person at SGL Road.


We wish you the best summer

Peter Andersson & Colleagues