Australia & New Zealand Airbridge!

Uncomplicating the world of logistics through Airfreight Charters Scan Global Logistics has one of the most proven Air Charter programs globally, delivering immediate and customer-tailored solutions into any region, country, or location in the world.


+60,000 Cubic meters delivered – Tailormade solution

This time, on behalf of highly valued customers in the Pacific region, and in less than 3 months, we have supplied more than 60,000 cubic meters / 10 million Kilograms of urgently needed Rapid Antigen Tests to Australian State Governments in Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, Northern Territory and into New Zealand.

Our capacity Air Charter programs matter and make a true difference. Each of our +260 flights was carefully mapped against each of the customer's requirements, ensuring that constraints on their individual production schedules and order adjustments were eliminated. This allowed for optimal flexibility within a highly challenging market environment.

Our tightly knit program response team, operating from Singapore, China, Australia, and New Zealand, operated without boundaries, fully empowered to eliminate any delay in critical decisions across the supply chain to support our customers successfully throughout the program.


Our customers are our partners

We are thankful and proud of our customer's trust in SGL and our team's ability to deliver time-critical and value-adding solutions under very challenging market conditions.

Do you wish to know more? Please contact us, and we are available 24/7 to discuss how we can develop tailored solutions supporting your logistics needs.