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Amalie Leth-Nissen, the Danish golfing talent, announces partnership with Scan Global Logistics

11 Sep, 2023

In the photo: Golfer Amalie Leth-Nissen

Danish golfer Amalie Leth-Nissen turned pro in 2023 after securing a place on the 2023 Ladies European Tour. Announcing her partnership with Scan Global Logistics, she becomes the fourth golfer sponsored by the fast-growing global transport and logistics provider, along with LPGA player Emily Kristine Pedersen and PGA profiles Rasmus and Nicolai Højgaard.

Copenhagen, 11 September 2023: Amalie Leth-Nissen is a remarkable young Danish golf talent who has won multiple international amateur tournaments before becoming a pro. Recently, she signed a sponsorship agreement with global freight forwarder Scan Global Logistics (SGL). The partnership aligns perfectly with SGL's growth strategy and strengthens its position as a supporter of young golfing talents striving to become world-class.


The youngest Danish women's pro ever

The sponsorship with SGL enables Amalie to focus solely on improving her skills and attending as many tournaments as possible to achieve her goals. Initially, she will focus on succeeding on the Ladies European Tour, but in the long term, the goal is establishing herself on the LPGA Tour.

'As a professional, I must do my best every day to be at the top. The logistics around travelling the world can be demanding; if any, SGL knows what it takes to make it run smoothly. We share the same mindset of seeing challenges as possibilities to learn and improve one’s capabilities. I look forward to being an SGL ambassador and sharing the world as our workplace.' 

At the age of 8, Amalie started playing golf. At 13, she became the youngest girl to play for Denmark's national team and a part of the international amateur elite since she was 14. Her success rate has yielded high expectations. Becoming the youngest Danish female professional golf player ever, she is described as an extraordinary talent.

Juggling high school and 20 weeks of travelling yearly as a professional golfer requires discipline, organisation, and detailed planning. Combined with her ambition, dedication, and determination to do her best every day, her approach perfectly fits the entrepreneurial and ‘can-do-attitude’ of her new sponsor, SGL.

A perfect, ambitious fit

After a very successful amateur career, ranking 6 in the world, topping the Danish Golf Union Women’s Order of Merit in ’20 and ‘21, and leading her team to a third-place finish in the 2022 European Ladies' Team Championship, there is no doubt her future ambition is to play for the titles.

Mads Drejer, COO & CCO, expands: ‘Amalie’s talent is undeniable. We are happy to be able to sponsor one of the most successful young golfers in dreaming big and achieving her goals. Talent, perseverance, and a playful attitude reflect our approach to achieving our goals, making our partnership a perfect match.’

With her outgoing personality and dedication to enjoying herself, Amalie will become a part of SGL’s customer and supplier events. ‘Firstly, in Europe and hopefully, the rest of the world when she joins the LPGA Tour, which we are sure she will’, Mads Drejer finishes.

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