50-100% reductions in transport emissions are available today

31 Mar, 2023

The Sustainability Report 2022 is out. Our strategy remains focused on decarbonising our customers’ supply chain transport emissions through a catalogue of logistics solutions. Regardless of the mode of transport, the message is clear that significant emission reductions are available and readily deployable to all customers. Ocean biofuel and electric container trucking are some of the latest additions to the range of sustainable options.

In 2022, we launched a Low Carbon Logistics solutions catalogue to drive our climate actions. Backed by supplier and partner agreements, the catalogue consists of six solutions* that offer CO2 reductions of 50-100%

*) Find the complete Low Carbon Logistics catalogue on pages 36-37 in the Sustainability Report 2022


Through a strong customer demand, we keep committed to delivering impact through low-carbon logistics solutions.
Across the modes of transport, we can support our customers in significantly reducing their emissions from transportation.
We share the same emissions, why we must tackle this together

says Martin Andersen, Global Head of Sustainability | ESG and Quality


Highlights from the Sustainability Report 2022

1. Emission reduction initiative
: In 2022, we launched our catalogue of Low Carbon Logistics solutions to drive this forward. Backed by supplier and partner agreements, the catalogue consists of six solutions that offer CO2 reductions of 50-100% through changes to transport modes, switching to low-emissions fuels and optimising customers’ logistics setup

2. Electric trucks: Committed to deploying 12 Scania electric 40-foot container trucks in ten countries across Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific to fast-track full electrification of heavy container trucking

3. Ocean biofuel: Signed an agreement for a global solution for ocean biofuel to offer our customers 100% CO2-neutral ocean freight for their containers

4. Customer meetings to decarbonise: Held over 100 meetings with customers to provide them with visibility on their transport emissions and how to reduce them by 50-100% through our catalogue of Low Carbon Logistics solutions

5. Partnerships: We have extended our partnership with the Exponential Roadmap Initiative and the 1.5 Supply Chain Leaders to cut GHG emissions from transportation among members by 50-100% within a decade and to help scale best practices through the SME Climate Hub and the UN Race to Zero campaign

6. Climate action: Achieved an A- in our first year of disclosing to CDP, placing us within the ‘Leadership’ category, which recognises companies for implementing current best practices on climate action. CDP is the highest standard of environmental reporting with the world’s largest, most comprehensive dataset on corporate and city environmental action.

In addition, SGL has received a Silver Medal rating from EcoVadis for the quality of our efforts, placing us within the top 25% of industry companies.

We not only accelerated our momentum within environmental solutions but across the full scope of its ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) activities.

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