Digital Solutions

Connecting your supply chain

Our IT system connects all of our technology-based logistics tools with each other, including systemic integration with your operating platform. Combined with our dedicated in-house programming experts, all aspects of your supply chain can be interconnected.

With our in-house developers, we are able to help integrate data flows between our systems and yours. Our dedicated EDI staff can integrate our systems that can automatically upload shipment information such as tracking, new shipments, and PODs via EDI (or traditional methods) into your systems.

The data exchange can be set up to sync daily, weekly – or any interval required.


Single sign on portal for access to all our tools

With mySGL as your key portal, there is direct access to everything you need, making your life a lot easier.

Shipment booking tools

We offer the easiest, most comprehensive, and most convenient shipment initiation tools.

Designed for all modes/routes, it enables you to initiate shipments, confirm status, print labels/BLs and produce customised logistics activity reports for measurable KPIs.

Track & Trace technology

Automation in your daily work

Our web-based shipment and P.O. Track & Trace tools were created to monitor and manage the flow of goods and information across your entire supply chain.

The tools are designed for stand-alone operation or to be fully integrated with your own ERP system. Receive and send automated emailed milestone alerts or receive daily, weekly, or monthly tracking reports – all without lifting a finger.

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

Make distribution and ordering decisions based on inventory levels at multiple locations worldwide, even while inventory is in transit.

Our WMS interfaces seamlessly integrate with our full suite of logistics management tools and your own to give you total inventory control.

Dedicated North American LTL TMS

Much more than a rate calculator, our ScanTMS system is built specifically for North American LTL and enables you to optimise your choices based on cost, service level, transit time and/or carrier preference.

Simply choose your preferred method then point and click to initiate the shipment.

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