Food & Beverage

Uncomplicating food safety is our promise to you. With a minimum of re-handling and a maximum of transportation and food safety standards appliance, we safely and timely deliver your goods from anywhere to anywhere.

Fragile and perishables foods and beverages are subject to strict food safety regulations. Delivering on time requires seamless logistics planning, mutual trust, and transparency at every step in your cold chain.

We understand and perfect food logistics daily to offer you tailor-made solutions with flexible scaling possibilities:

√ Food safety according to the HACCP principles

√ Door-to-door timely delivery

√ Safety buffer stock to ensure constant on-time delivery

√ Temperature-controlled storage

√ Personal hygiene driver-training at origin and destination

Highest food safety and quality

To guarantee the safety and quality of your goods, our drivers and forwarders are trained according to the HACCP principles. Highly experienced and hands-on, they carefully follow SOPs, current hygiene and cleaning procedures, and supply with the required documentation. It allows for complete food traceability throughout your supply chain.

Internal and external audits ensure we are always compliant.

”Food safety is a crucial parameter at KMC. Through our many years of partnership, Scan Global Logistics has ensured a high standard throughout the entire value chain from door to door. An important part of the partnership with Scan Global is that we continuously work on improvement measures in the supply chain with the common goal of reducing costs and lead-time – without compromising on food safety.” Henrik Christiansen, Purchase and Supply Chain Manager, KMC

Door-to-door bulk solutions

Contaminated goods cost time, money, require transport rescheduling and can cause production disruptions. Our drivers are trained ‘sniffers’ who ensure the required quality and requirements for food-grade containers. We are not afraid to reject containers if they can’t be approved. It’s your guarantee of an uninterrupted supply chain.

With maximum protection, hygiene, and ­efficiency, we handle your bulk cargo during processing, bufferstock-storage, and transportation to the final destination.

In close collaboration with shippers and hauliers worldwide, we provide you with the ability to deliver food and beverage logistics anywhere.

Flexible safety backup solutions

What if a scheduled shipment is delayed threatening to delay your production?

We understand the necessity of timely delivery to avoid production and supply chain disruptions. Our flexible transport and backup solutions allow us to quickly redirect your delivery to alternative modes of transportation, from ship and train to truck and airplane. 

Paired with the ability to manage safety stocks and FIFO deliveries, we protect the integrity of your cargo and delivery against any unforeseen variation in supply or demand.  

Yearly facts:


To us, cooperation is based on transparent solutions and mutual trust to find the best possible transport solutions, whether by ocean, rail, road, or air.

A range of high-end food and beverage customers consider us their preferred logistics provider; we’ll be happy to be yours too.

Our Food & Beverage solutions are backed by:

  • Close partnerships with carriers, guaranteeing equipment availability through precise forecasts management
  • Cooperation with several bulk specialist
  • Close partnerships with reefer specialists

Our standard services:

  • Multimodal services: Air, Ocean, Rail, Road
  • Safety stock management
  • Bulk solutions

Our extended services:

  • Control tower solutions 24/7/365
  • Customs clearance
  • Cargo insurance
  • Online driver training
  • HACCP management
  • Buffer stuck