Moving fast in uncertain times

Charter is being loaded.

What do you do when your customer needs an alternative mode of transport and need it here and now? You solve the problem. A mix of great teamwork, dedicated problem-solving and a willingness to walk the extra mile paved the way for a little Christmas miracle. That is why we say we uncomplicate your world.


When a well-known company in Sweden ran into problems and needed more than 500 CBM of their products transported as fast as possible during the holidays. The main challenge was that the shipment was originally scheduled by ocean, but with capacity issues and delays over Christmas, actions had to be taken immediately to meet the urgent demand of getting the shipment from China to Germany. As in right now. Well, challenge accepted.

Train, truck, or air? All things considered, air was the best solution, but another challenge arose as  the main German airports was suffering from congestion and therefore, our team had to think outside the box – and think fast.


Close dialogue between our customer and our offices in Sweden, Copenhagen and Shanghai resulted in an air charter solution. Next problem was the major congestion at the main German airports. After careful consideration and analyzation, the decision was to take it to Prague at the first possible opportunity. We have our own office in Prague airport, and it has a good strategic geographical location to reach final consignee in Southern Germany.

By the time the charter landed in Prague, our teams in Sweden, China, Czech Republic, and Copenhagen had planned for local handling regarding custom clearances, warehouse services and not least the trucking to the final consignee in the southern part of Germany.

In short, our role was

  • Problem-solving by analysing and finding alternative transport solution
  • Coordinating across time zones and borders within the new solution
  • Handling all local warehousing, customs clearance and last mile delivery


By going above and beyond our customer were able to get their shipment from China to Germany in time despite a pile of challenges. Everything was executed perfectly and as a direct consequence, the customer awarded us with additional airfreight volumes. We are ready for round two. Bring it on.

  • Delivery on schedule
  • Thinking fast and outside the box
  • Customer-centric with a can-do-attitude
  • Quick problem-solving across offices and geographies

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