Our airfreight market insights

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the demand of global airfreight grew more than 9 % last year - a growth increase that is twice as high as the previous year. In comparison with the general demand for global trade of goods, the demand for global airfreight surpassed the growth by twofold. However, the capacity and supply of airfreight only grew by a third and consequently the airfreight industry experiences enormous space constraints, delays, backlogs and skyrocketing rates on most trades.

The global trade growth is expected to remain positive in 2018, which means that the imbalance of supply and demand continues in 2018. However, we do not expect it to be as severe as it has been for the previous 1.5 years. 

In order to avoid congestions, backlog, severe delays and costly solutions, you need a partner that can maneuver and navigate your goods in a cost efficient and timely manner.

Scan Global Logistics has the expertise and market knowledge to be one-step ahead and find solutions to export/import your goods in time. We remain in the top three of global airfreight performers and we always deliver what we promise.


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