Asian Warehousing & Storage Solutions

Improved time-to-market

If the Asia Pacific are your main sourcing countries you will surely benefit from our Asian Warehousing solutions. With our extended warehousing & cross-docking function, SGL can assist you in improving your time-to-market.

Our experience and proven concept within different industries will guarantee you a seamless supply chain with built flexibility to cater for volume peaks, seasonality and through best-in-class IT-systems, we will provide a daily overview of all transactions enabling you to react instantly to your customers' demands.

How Asia Pacific warehousing works

By analyzing your goods flows, we will select the most optimal location according to the gravity and density of the in-and-outbound volumes and shipment characteristics. All your vendors will consequently ship the consolidated shipments to the designated warehouse, where we pick and pack the individual shipments to the end-customer and consolidate shipments to the respective customers.

Volumes with no final and specific customer information, will be shipped to a central warehouse at destination and from there delivery to end customers will be made.
All individual parts of the process is covered by SGL from inbound consolidated shipments from your vendors, sorting, pick/pack to domestic and international customers being both B2B and B2C.

Value added services

Our Asian warehouse concept will enable you to further improve your global supply chain, reduce costs and provide a better service to your customers. At the same time the transparency of your supply cost will improve.

Our concept is flexible and we can design a solution specifically to your requirements

  • Barcode Scanning
  • EDI interface - storage and inventory updates
  • Humidity and temperature controlled warehouse facilities
  • Sample and re-sampling
  • Labelling, Hang Tags, Price Tags, Price Labels
  • Repacking
  • Giftbox packaging, Displays, Company gifts

Kim Fischer, VP Business Development, says

"Our ability to select the optimal location combined with our strong presence in Asia Pacific and proven experience in designing global supply chain solutions, provides you with a unique service and where you will experience an improved service and reduced cost. Through dedication and state-of-the-art systems support, we enable  our customers to have efficient and transparent supply chains".