Road fuel surcharge and European toll Denmark

Current road fuel surcharge, April 2019: 36.2%  

Historical monthly surcharges


European toll and Marpol

2019     Download the rates for European toll and Marpol
 March  35.6%    Maut Germany
 February  34.8%    Maut CH & AT, Road tax PT, Maut BE
 January  36.1%    Eastern European road tax
2018      Marpol rates
 December  36.2%    
 November  35.9%    
 October  35.4%    
 September  35.1%    
 August  34.8%    
 July  34.0%    
 June  33.8%    
 May  33.3%    

Capacity surcharges on road transportation effective as of October 16,2017. Read more here.