Fashion Resale

Join the booming resale movement now

Over the next 5 years, resale is expected to grow 5 times in a declining retail market. Consumer buying behavior is shifting from fast fashion to mindful fashion, and 70% of women have or are open to shopping secondhand.

With SGL Fulfillment & Distribution, you can join the booming resale movement now.

Sustainability and profitability go hand in hand

The re-commerce business is an opportunity to:

  • Strengthen your brand value and increase customer loyalty
  • Impact your sustainable agenda and reduce CO2 emissions by decreased production
  • Earn margins from the accelerating resale market

Get on board with our fully integrated resale solution in one day – seamlessly integrated with your existing storefront or as a separate category.

Generation Z buys a piece of your company, not just a piece of clothes

Green and cheap are driving the shifting customer demands. Consumers buy with heart and wallet as their care for sustainability, conscious consumerism, and their fellow beings increasingly decide what they add to their shopping basket.

Watch how SGL and Create2Stay, an innovative startup set on making circular online shopping easy, are collaborating to offer you the benefits of reselling: a greener planet, happy consumers, and a growing business.

Expand the lifetime of your goods, build brand loyalty – join the resell movement.

Consumers are ready, are you?

We are.

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