As from January 1st 2019 the kilometer tax on trucks will increase in Germany

The German coalition government has decided that the kilometer tax on trucks will increase.

The reason is that the tax from this time forward should include societal costs in regards to the noise pollution that trucks carry along.

In connection to this, our suppliers have just informed us about the extent of this. Please see below. For your kind information this is only relevant for ocean freight cargo to/from Hamburg and Denmark as well as to/from Bremerhaven and Denmark. 

Changes to/from Hamburg
Present cost: DKK 166.00 per 20’ container and DKK 245.00 per 40’ container
New cost: DKK 225.00 per 20’ container and DKK 340.00 per 40’ container

Changes to/from Bremerhaven
Present cost: DKK 563.00 per container
New cost: DKK 650.00 per container.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to your contact person at Scan Global Logistics.