Launch of our 10 Customer Service Commandments

Today in the Nordic region, we have launched our 10 Customer Service Commandments and we are excited to begin the rollout of these commandments throughout our organization globally.

Many companies claim they have the best in class customer service, but often there is a lack of shared internal vision when it comes to defining “what does good look like”. Consequently, customers face a multitude of local interpretations of the customer service experience. Already today, our customers recognize us for our excellent customer service, but we want to take it to the next level by introducing our 10 Customer Service Commandments to guide ourselves in how to interact with our customers every day 24/7.

At Scan Global Logistics, we exist to make the world a little less complicated for our customers by bringing a human approach to anyone everywhere. Scan Global Logistics has grown into the size it has today by constantly applying an entrepreneurial mindset, while ensuring that all the creative solutions we engineer go hand in hand with a personal and unique customer service experience and even today we see customers awarding their business to Scan Global Logistics for this reason alone.

Our 10 Customer Service Commandments will enable us to navigate accurately in a complex world. All our interactions with customers, suppliers and colleagues will be guided by these commandments and we will win in the market place by constantly striving for delivering a unique customer service experience – not only because we have to do this, but because it is in our DNA! It is our passion and it is what we love to do. SGL believes that people being backed up by systems – and not the other way around. Today’s initiative marks exactly this.

We are Scan Global Logistics and we will keep finding new ways to make the world a little less complicated for our customers.