We welcome 16 new trainees

Last week we welcomed 16 new trainees. This is the largest number of trainees we have had to date within the same year. All the trainees were invited to spend two days of introduction at our head office in Kastrup to learn more about the company and to get to know each other socially.

The trainees

On October 24 and 25, 2018 16 new trainees from our 7 offices in Denmark were gathered for an introduction to their new work place. We gave them a thorough presentation of our business, starting with insights concerning our organization both nationally and internationally. During the two days of introduction, the trainees each performed different activities both socially and professionally. This gave them a great opportunity to network and exchange best practices with their fellow new colleagues.

Naturally, there was also room for social events, as this is an important part of working at Scan Global Logistics. The purpose of the internal training is to provide our trainees with a high level of education and an in-depth knowledge of the company, as well as a strong network among the trainees.

This year’s new trainees replaced the 10 former trainees, who graduated in August and are now Freight Forwarders. Luckily, the majority of the graduated trainees have chosen to continue their career within Scan Global Logistics.

Investing in the future

In 2016, Scan Global Logistics developed the Internal SGL Trainee Program in extension to the education the commercial schools offer. We launched the trainee program with one single intention: To invest in Scan Global Logistics' future. We are an ambitious company in a dynamic industry, which means that we constantly need to challenge our way of working in order to do things better and smarter. We expect our trainees to challenge us and be curious. In that way we can jointly become stronger and lead Scan Global Logistics towards a successful future. 

“The competition to attract talented young people, get them to sign a trainee contract and later on an employment contract is tough. This is why we want our employees to see their employment at Scan Global Logistics an investment in their future. For that reason, we are happy to be in a situation where we can offer an attractive internal education as well as an opportunity for a career in a global organization.

It has never been more exciting to join Scan Global Logistics than it is right now. We offer an attractive workplace with a great potential for a rewarding career. Historically, the majority of our trainees have chosen to continue their employment after they graduate. This proves that we have succeeded in recruiting the right candidates and offer them the right opportunities. Our trainee program is both essential to our business and at the same time an excellent opportunity for those who are driven, hardworking and eager to learn and contribute” says Ditte Rasmussen, HR Consultant.

Nikolaj Lindgreen, one of our newest trainees explains how he can easily see himself working for Scan Global Logistics in the future. He believes there are many opportunities for him to evolve personally. ''I see a great future for myself working at Scan Global Logistics and I can easily picture myself continue after I graduate as a trainee. Scan Global Logistics is an international company in great progress, where I see many opportunities for personal and profession evolvement. The first day of my employment, I was given a lot of responsibility, which gave me a lot of confidence. To me this is very motivating and a great boost to my professional evolvement and ability to work independently."

The Trainee Program

Our trainee program offers a unique opportunity for personal growth in a professional and international environment. During the trainee program we visit our 7 offices in Denmark and gather all trainees for different workshops. These workshops give our trainees an ideal opportunity to be a part of a network of fellow trainees and create a community. 
The headlines of the workshops are:

• General introduction
• Introduction to the products in Scan Global Logistics
• Introduction to Value Added Services in Scan Global Logistics

The trainee program is a 2-year program with both internal workshops and mandatory external education at the Danish Commercial Schools. By structuring the program in this way, the trainees are given a thorough education based on professional and personal development including structured follow-up and feedback. All this gives our trainees a strong and unique foundation for their career now and in the future.


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