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SGL International A/S (SGL Group), formerly SGL TransGroup International A/S, is owned by SGLT Holding II LP, and the ultimate owner is SGLT Holding I LP. SGL Group includes SGL International A/S and all its subsidiaries.

SGL International A/S (together with TransGroup Global Inc. and their respective subsidiaries) has issued senior secured floating- and fixed-rate bonds with SGL International A/S as the issuer in an aggregate amount of EUR 515 million on 31 December 2021, within a total framework of EUR 705 million.


The figures contained in this section are comprised of the combined financial performance of SGL International A/S and TransGroup Global Inc., including their respective subsidiaries, constituting the combined group SGLT Holding II LP (“SGLT Holding”).

The figures for SGLT Holding are included because they highlight the performance to which attention should be given when understanding the current combined performance and predicting future combined performance supporting the issued senior secured bonds through SGL International A/S.

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