Scan Global Logistics opens airport office in Beijing

Effective 1st of June 2017, Scan Global Logistics has opened an office in the Beijing Capital International Airport. This is our second Beijing office.

Mr. Yan Du,  brings in a team of seven people from his former private company, Beijing Crossig International Freight Forwarders CO.LTD, a very skilled team with strong air export procurement and solid on-site operation experience. Apart from leading this team, Mr. Yan Du will take on the role of Air Freight Manager of Northern China.


SGL opens airport office in Beijing


“I hope my little achievements in the past has prepared myself and the team to embrace the perfect match with SGL, I firmly believe it will push us in a new direction and a bigger success.”, says Mr. Yan Du.


Ms. Isabel Ge, General Manager in Scan Global Logistics China, says
“With this great development of our presence in Beijing we can service our clients on all lanes and products, we are much more competitive on airfreight in China market and BJS will become another great gateway to us besides PVG in Shanghai”.