Food and Agriculture Organization

SGL supporting healthy lifestyle in the Philippines.

The distribution of rice seeds required local expertise and knowledge to efficiently deliver and help FAO achieve the greater goal.

UNFAO needed a partner who can provide a secured transport and certified equipment as well as approved documentation of all milestones throughout the entire operation. Scan Global Logistics provided all their needs and went through every angle and detail of the project. From contracts, routes and parties involved, SGL ensured no risk of penalties, missed deadlines and local concerns when handling such special projects.



Back in 2015.

Scan Global Logistics Philippines had its first project with FAO for the whole logistics service of transporting 100x40 ft. of grain storages from Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia. The project was part of the relief operations in the Philippines after being affected by typhoon Haiyan. With 153 ten-wheeler trucks for the local transport, the organization successfully fulfilled the duty to provide an outstanding service.

The heart of Food and Agriculture Organization is to support food security and to provide available access to high-quality food in order for people to live active and healthy lives. FAO is an intergovernmental organization that has 194 member nations, two associate members and one member organization, the European Union.