Reduced time-to-market with Scan Global Logistics warehousing

Today, the Femilet warehouse is outsourced to SGL, who placed it strategically in relation to Femilet’s suppliers in Asia. Until Femilet entrusted their warehousing function to SGL they imported all products to their own warehouse in Denmark. A long and far too expensive procedure for Femilet.

A much more lean process

Now SGL takes care of all handling processes from production to retail shop, ensuring product quality, customs handling and distribution, as Femilet require. With the set-up SGL have made, Femilet have reduced time-to-market and they can focus on their main business. Additionally, Femilet have reduced logistics cost and are still able to meet the seasonal changes that characterize the industry.

Many European companies like Femilet do business with a number of different suppliers in Asia. Like Femilet all these companies could benefit from a more lean procedure where the entire handling takes place near the suppliers to save logistics cost.

About Femilet

Femilet was founded in 1923 and has through the years developed to become a market-oriented company focusing on design, sales and marketing of fashionable lingerie, underwear, swimwear and nightclothes. Their products are sold in Femilet concept-stores, shop-in-shops in department stores and on the Femilet online webshop.

In 1999 Femilet developed their own retail concept in order to have better control of the entire supply chain.