Faun Sport & Fritid

Flexible storage and distribution all over Europe

It is difficult to ensure effective logistics when warehouse employees at certain times have nothing to do and at other times are too busy. Operating in a seasonal industry, Faun Sport therefore needs flexible storage and distribution. This is possible trough outsourcing.

SGL takes care of the entire supply chain, which is a flexible solution for Faun Sport. It provides Faun Sport with more room to focus on what they do best - producing and selling shoes.

Smart and flexible solutions

In addition to the lower storage costs, Scan Global Logistics constantly makes the complex setup for Faun Sport more cost effective by finding smart solutions.
Keld Schøtt, Nordic Director, Solution at Scan Global Logistics, explains: “Labels are made in Denmark and sent to the factories in Asia. Then the factories out there make the packages directly to the store orders and use our labels. When we receive the packets in Denmark, they are ready for the next transit system, which of course saves additional operations. Furthermore, we have made a setup in Hong Kong where we consolidate goods from Vietnam, China and Cambodia for pick/pack and distribution to China and Russia.

Finally, Scan Global Logistics operate with bonded warehouses, which means that Faun Sport only pays the customs when the goods leave the warehouse. This improves liquidity.

About Faun Sport

Faun Sport consists of Viking Footwear AS and Berghaus Nordic AS (50 percent). Viking Footwear AS develops markets and sells footwear. Their products are sold under the brands Viking, Cherrox and KangaROOS. Berghaus is considered one of Europe's leaders in technical outdoor clothing and equipment.