Dencam Composite

One of the most extreme transport completed with 93-meters- and 200 ton cargo on just one truck

We recently had the opportunity to undertake one of the most extreme transports via public roads ever seen in Denmark. It all came down to a total of 93-meters- and 200 ton unit consisting of the truck and the gigantic windmill foundry mould.

The transport totalled 93-meters- and 200 ton consisting of the truck and the gigantic windmill foundry mould. The roadtransport itself was just shy of 9 hours to complete, required 5,000 square meters of steel plates to support, removing, replacing and re-installing road signs/lighting as well as modifying and restructuring several roundabouts.

“Transportation of Mould was planned and carried out very successfully. Scan Global Logistics was throughout the transport project very helpful, service minded and easy to contact. A good and friendly communication was kept from 1st contact until the transport was completed and delivered to end-customer.

The experienced cooperation with Scan Global Logistics is that they are very professional and dedicated to meet their costumer’s delivery requirements.” says Technical Manager of Dencam Composite, Christian Kjeldmark.

Not like any other project!

Only a 40-kilometre distance from point A to B, but given its extreme measurements and weight, a highly complex logistic scenario, that we none the less managed to uncomplicate and execute for the customer.

“However this time we had to operate and transport without interfering with regular traffic, and together with our trusted partners we managed to maneuvre various pre-defined areas, modify and re-establish areas a little more than usual, to make it a success. The transport took place from Wednesday at 8 PM to Thursday at 4.50 AM. This timing was deliberately chosen to ensure least impact to the ordinary traffic and users of the used route.“This was one of the biggest transports ever handled in Denmark via public roads. Most transports of this scale are very rare, and when they take place, it will be in closed industrial areas. That makes a huge difference,” says Finn Petersen, Senior Project Manager in Scan Global Logistics.

Our team had 2 x three cars following, supporting and guiding the truck and as a back-up a remote-controlled setup to control the back of the truck separately, when needed.”

When the truck arrived its transit point in Nyborg, it was transshipped and loaded onto the vessel that would handle the further transportation via sea to transit point #2, Aalborg Harbour where the foundry mould would be moved onto another ship handling the final leg to Asia.

“At Scan Global Logistics, we excel in complex logistics, it is what we do, every day and night. We were very pleased that Dencam entrusted us to handle their transport requirements and make their world a little less complicated.

Our group of experts continue to move huge windmill parts globally – both to on- and off-shore projects – 24/7/365. Still, this job was definitely unique and one I will remember,” concludes smiling Finn Petersen.