Marine Cargo Insurance

A safe and natural preference. Scan Global Logistics meets all statutory liabilities. All the way. However, when it comes to liability concerning damaged or lost goods, you should be aware that international conventions with limitations in liability are used.

Therefore, we recommend that you take out a marine cargo Insurance. Specifically when dealing with transport of ready-made goods and so-called high value products, the economic risk is so high that a marine cargo insurance should be a natural preference.

Minimise the risks

Transport of goods is always associated with risks – whether it relates to transport by vessel, lorry or airplane. Vessels may have accidents and even sink. Containers may get lost or take in water. Lorries may be involved. Packages and pallets may be damaged during handling, for instance by forklift. You never know what may happen.

Scan Global Logistics offers a tailormade marine cargo insurance that fulfils all specific requirements in connection with your cargo. At the same time, our insurance solutions are very competitive due to our expertise and large portfolio. With our marine cargo insurance on board, your property will not sink with the ship.

All risks insurance – ICC:A – without deductible

The premium is based on an individual calculation.

Do not hesitate to contact your local Scan Global Logistics office for a quote!

Read the ICC:A 2009:

           Institute Cargo Clauses 

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